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DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs  



Replacement Labels pdf

Previous Software Revisions:

V3.00 Release November 2016: New PCB design revision 3 (User guide V2.10 pdf)

V2.10 Release April 2016: bug fix-possible error on RS232 data receive and processing

V2.00 Release March 2016: added 512 channel support (previous 256), added CTS (Clear to Send) support, increased processor speed. DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs V2.00 Version 2 pdf

V1.01 Release February 2016: added processor reset upon "R" command    

V1.00 Release Original    DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs V1.0 Version 1 pdf

  • DMX CONTROL WARNING: NEVER use DMX data devices where human safety must be maintained.
  • NEVER use DMX data devices for pyrotechnics or similar controls.
  • Brand: ELM Video Technology
  • Manufacturer: ELM Video Technology
  • Model: DS232
  • Name: RS232 to DMX Converter Controller Driver PCB 
  • MPN: DS232-PCB
  • PCB Dimensions: 2.58" W x 1.45" L x .82" H (including standoffs and screw terminals)
  • Description: RS232 to DMX Converter
  • Functional description: The DS232 is an RS232 (terminal or computer port) to DMX converter that will control and drive DMX controlled dimmers and devices.
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 100°F
  • Storage temperature: 0°F to 120°F
  • Humidity: Non-condensing
  • Non-Volatile Memory Writes: Minimum 100K, Typical 1M
  • Non-Volatile Memory Retention: Minimum 40 Yrs, Typical 100 Yrs
  • 5V Current: apx 115mA - under full DMX load (60mA)
  • RS232 Input: 9 Pin female serial connector at 9600 Baud rate, 8, 1, None (Use a 9 pin male straight through cable)
  • PCB RS232 Connections: G-gnd, Rx - (TX data from source to the DS232 unit), Tx - CTS (Clear to Send from DS232 to source)
  • DMX Control Channels: All 512
  • Command String Length: 96 characters
  • Command String Execute Timing: 100mS recommended
  • Data Output: DMX512 output 250 kHz, 5 and/or 3 pin female XLR [Pin 1 - Power supply common, Pin 2 Data -, Pin 3 Data +]
  • Weight: 2 oz
  •  FUSE: RS232 Converter PCB - 500mA Thru hole mount

  • Wire Leads
  • 5VDC Power Supply
  • Power Connector
  • LED mounting style, top mounted if the unit will be installed with access to the top of the PCB, bottom if the enclosure will have external LED accessibility, and uninstalled if unsure of the mounting style or the LEDs will be extended to the front panel
  • DIN Clips for 35mm Rail - Clips are mounted on the PCB and will snap onto a 35mm rail
  • DIN Rail 35mm x 8"

  • With the RS232 to DMX converter controller driver PCB design an RS232 to DMX controller or insert into an existing DMX system and expand you capabilities and functionality. Requires only 2 RS232 data wires +DATA Rx, -DATA Rx for data input, 3 wires for the DMX connections, and 5V DC.See the DS232 full description category page for a full product description. Includes screw terminals. To "Add to Cart" select the LED mounting style required.

    RS232 to DMX Converter PCB

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