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Software Revisions:

V2.04: Release Aug 2018 - Error correction: DMX lose timed out prematurely, increased time to 1 second

V2.03: Release June 2017 - Increased PWM frequency to 240hz

  • NOTE: The 120VAC equipped version of this unit is not UL listed or certified, power supplies are either UL Listed and/or CE certified. Some units are available with 5 volt inputs and use a wall style power supply, if this option is required/desired please contact sales.
  • Recommended External FUSE: 10 Amp (5 X 20 mm)
  • FUSE for Control PCB: 500mA (5 X 20 mm)
  • PCB FUSE for Coil/Mechanical: 5 Amp x 2 (5 X 20 mm)
  • PCB FUSE for SSR (Solid State Relay): 2 Amp x 2 (5 X 20 mm)
  • UL Listings: PCB pre populated, relay certifications: vary - contact us
  • DATA TYPE: DMX (250Khz)
  • DATA INPUT: DMX - Pin 1 - (Shield) Not connected, Pin 2 Data - , Pin 3 Data +
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 3.4 x 1 inches
  • Weight: apx 2 oz

  • SIDE BY SIDE or STACK layout options. With the side by side layout all of the PCBs are top accessible (i.e. the dip switches and LED's are top mounted on the PCB) and ideal for 'inside' enclosure access. With the stack layout the PCB takes up less width space and the dip switches and LED's are accessible from the bottom only and outside the enclosure. With this option the enclosure requires LED holes and a rectangular dip switch hole. See the DPMRL drill template for more information.
  • Add additional dual relay PCB for a total of 4 relays
  • Screw Terminals (Installed)
  • 6 Inch Wire Leads (Installed
  • Power Connector (Mates with listed power supply)
  • 5V Power Supply
  • LED mounting style, top mounted if the unit will be installed with access to the top of the PCB, bottom if the enclosure will have external LED accessibility, and uninstalled if unsure of the mounting style or the LEDs will be extended to the front panel.
  • Enclosure Labels: black on white, black on clear, or download ENCLOSURE LABEL

    • If the "DMX ON/OFF Threshold 50%" is selected the relay will turn on at 51% (DMX level 131), and the relay will turn off at 49% (DMX level 126).
    • If the "DMX ON/OFF Threshold 7%" is selected the relay will turn on at 8% (DMX level 20), and the relay will turn off at 5% (DMX level 13).
    • CUSTOM on/off settings are possible and factory set, contact us for more information.

DISCONTINUED: See our other DMX to relay products

DPM-RL/Coil-PCB The DPM-RL/Coil is a DMX 512 Relay (Driver) PCB. Mates with the DPM4-PCB and controls 2 outputs with 5 amp CONTACT CLOSURE relays. Usage examples: switch/trigger equipment, switch florescent lights, or water fountain solenoids.  Relay 1 can be selected to respond to DMX 512   channel 1 or 3 and relay 2 can be selected to respond to DMX 512 Channel 2 or 4 (via on board jumpers). Designed to be daisy chained without having to have a separate control board if the same DMX 512 channels need to have more relays for the same 4 assigned DMX 512 Channels. For example to have 4 relays, 1 DPM4 control board and 2 DPM-RL boards could drive 4 relays (or more by daisy chaining) assignable to the attached DPM4's addressed DMX 512 channels. Each relay has a designated fuse, fuse cover, and two screw wire connectors.

DPM4-PCB/Coil Features Include:

  • Engineered with quality parts and a reliable and simple design
  • Compatible with all ELM Video Technology's DMX512 PCB's
  • Mates with the DPM4 Control board
  • Daisy chainable, one DPM4 control board can drive multiple DPM-RL boards
  • Daisy chain with either the coil or SSR board

DMX Relay Driver PCB w/ Coil Mechanical Relays

  • $149.00

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