• DMX Wall Switch Controller PCB
  • Manufacturer: ELM Video Technology
  • Model: DSC5V-PCB
  • Name: DMX Standard Wall Switch Controller PCB
  • Dimensions: 1.45"L x 2.58"W x .575"H
  • Switch Input(s): +5VDC Maximum
  • DATA TYPE: DMX (250Khz)
  • DATA INPUT: DMX - (Shield) Not connected, Pin 2 Data - , Pin 3 Data +
  • DATA OUTPUT: DMX outputs - Pin 1 - (Shield) Power supply common, Pin 2 Data -, Pin 3 Data +
  • RDM: No
  • UL Listings: Power Supply, PCB pre populated
  • Weight: .2oz
  • Voltage Input Nominal: +9VDC (7.5V minimum at PCB input. e.g. a 250' CAT5 24AWG will drop the voltage by 1.5 volts. For cable lengths greater than 250' a 12VDC power supply can be used to maintain a voltage range on the input between 7.5V and 10VDC)     
  • Voltage Input Minimum: +7.5V Minimum at circuit board input
  • Voltage Input Maximum: +12.5V Max at circuit board input
  • Internal FUSE: 500mA PCB SMT  
  • External Power Supply: +9VDC wall mount
  •     Voltage Input: 100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60hz

9V Power supply (optional)

The DSC5V is a DMX scene controller PCB with up to 4 selectable DMX scene snapshots. Store up to 4 static scenes and then recall just by turning on the respective switch (customer provided switches of any type. Great for churches, theatres (theaters), and similar venues to easily turn on DMX controlled lights without having to turn on and use a DMX lighting board or controller. For example switch 1 could be "Band Practice", switch 2 "Stage Lights", switch 3 "Audience Lights", switch 4 "Balcony". Simply flip any of the switches and the pre recorded scene will turn on with optional 5 second fade. If the "Merge" function is turned off then any DMX input will OVERRIDE the switches and take control allowing a DMX controller to control the lights. Turn off the DMX controller and the switches again are operable. The switch/scenes are HTP (highest takes precedence) merged with each other allowing any or all switches to turn on it's respective scene. DMX scenes are easily recorded to any of the switches from the front of the unit. Installation and external switches required. 

  • Recall a DMX Scene by simply turning on a switch
  • Optional 5 second fade up/down
  • Optional Merge/Override DMX input function

DMX Wall Switch Controller PCB

  • $165.00

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