RS232 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter

Control 10 volt controllable equipment from a touch panel controller, computer, terminal, etc. The output voltage is directly proportional to the percentage sent to the unit for example, a sent value of 97% would be 9.7 volts out, 50% = 5 volts, 2.1% = 2.1 volts etc. Connect an RS232 terminal or computer port and control up to 12 outputs at 20mA (source) and 10mA (sink). The RS23210V, an RS232 to 0~10V converter/controller, is easy to install and use. Control any analog device such as LED drivers, dimmer packs, with variable 0~10 volt analog outputs. Or with the switch mode control Solid State Relays (SSR's) to control equipment that requires on/off.  A set of commands and auto fade rates offer power and flexibility for controlling equipment. Use any RS232 terminal application to create command strings to set output voltages with 256 steps to turn on, off, fade up, and fade down, etc. 12V power supply sold separately. Other enclosure options with more outputs are available contact sales for more information.

Set a single channel or range (or a multiple set) of channels to a specific value, and add or subtract values to existing levels. Any of the command strings can have a fade rate up to 59.9 seconds, and all 512 dimmer channels can have an independent and simultaneous fade rate up or down. With the global fade rate command, any existing fades can be updated to a new rate, finalize, or to immediately end any fades. Compatible with computer RS232 serial port / terminal programs like 'HyperTerminal' or download a terminal application such as 'Cool Term'. Note-The 5 Volt version has 3 and 5 pin XLR connectors - only one should be used at any one time.

Command String Examples: 

(G = "Go" command string is executed)

D52@95G     [Dimmer 52 is immediately set to 95%]

D20+45+99@50G     [Dimmers 20, 45, and 99 are immediately set to 50%]

D100-512@10G     [Dimmers 100 through 512 are immediately set to 10%]

D2@75F01.5G     [Dimmer 2 will fade to 75% (from it's current value) in 1.5 seconds]

D2+4+512<10D5-10>50G    [Dimmers 2, 4, and 512 will increase by 10%, dimmers 5 through 10 will decrease by 50%, both from their current value at the time the 'G' command is sent] 

D77-100@99F50.0G     [Dimmers 77 through 100 will fade to 99% in 50 seconds]

Fxx.xG     [Global fade- 00.0-59.9 Seconds all existing fades will end at the new rate]

S14@95G    Scene 14 will be recalled at 95% of the saved levels

S100@50F12.5G    Scene 100 will be recalled at 50% of the saved levels with a fade to rate of 12.5 seconds

S57VG    Scene 57 will be saved at the current levels

RS23210V Features:

  • Full 512 Channel Control
  • Scene Save and Recall of 100 scenes
  • 512 Simultaneous and Independent Fade Rates
  • Powerful Command Strings up to 96 Characters Long
  • RS232 Read Back to Terminal for Viewing and Verification
  • Global Fade Command
  • Enter Percentage (100%) or Level (0-255) Values
  • Various Enclosures to Choose from

RS232 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter

RS232 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter

Receives an RS232 signal and converts to an 0-10 volt analog signal to control a variety of equipmen..


RS232 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter DIN Rail / Wall Mount

RS232 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter DIN Rail / Wall Mount

Receives an RS232 signal and converts to an 0-10 volt analog signal to control a variety of equipmen..


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