DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs 

Software Revisions:

V4.01 Release Aug 2019: Applies to and for DMX input unit - fixes buffer read delay

V4.00 Release 2018: DMX input option added with DMX loop THROUGH/HOLD/NORMAL features

Previous Software Revisions:

V3.00 Release Nov 2016: PCB design change

V2.10 Release May 2016: added Scene save and recall features added. DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs V2.10 Version 2 pdf

V2.00 Release March 2016: added 512 channel support (previous 256), added CTS (Clear to Send) support, increased processor speed. DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs V2.00

V1.01 Release February 2016: added processor reset upon "R" command    

V1.00 Release Original DS232 Users Guide and Technical Specs V1.0 Version 1 pdf

  • DMX CONTROL WARNING: NEVER use DMX data devices where human safety must be maintained.
  • NEVER use DMX data devices for pyrotechnics or similar controls.

  • Manufacturer: ELM Video Technology, Inc.
  • Description: RS232 to DMX Converter
  • Model Number: DS232-5V3/5P
  • Functional description: The DS232 is an RS232 (terminal or computer port) to DMX converter that will
  •         control and drive DMX controlled dimmers and devices.
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 100°F
  • Storage temperature: 0°F to 120°F
  • Humidity: Noncondensing
  • UL Listings: Power Supply, PCB pre populated
  • Non-volatile Memory Writes: 100K, Typical 1M - times
  • Scene File Saves: 10K, Typical 100K - times
  • Non-volatile Memory Retention: Minimum 40 Yrs, Typical 100 Yrs
  • Chassis: Anodized Aluminum .093" thick RoHS compliant.
  • 5V Current: apx 130mA - with full DMX output load (60mA)
  • RS232 Input: 9 Pin female serial connector at 9600-8-N-1
  •         baud rate of 9600, 8 data bits, parity of None, and 1 stop bit
  • DB9 Connections Pin 2 - RX (optional)
  •         Pin 3 - TX data (from DTE to the DS232 unit)
  •         Pin 5 - Signal Ground
  •         Pin 8 - CTS (Clear to Send) (optional)
  •         Use a 9 pin male straight through cable
  • Command String Length: 96 characters
  • Command String Execute Timing: 100mS
  • DMX Control Channels: 512
  • DMX Data Input: If equipped - DMX512 @ 250 kHz, 5 and/or 3 pin male XLR
  •         Pin 1 - N/C, Pin 2 Data -, Pin 3 Data +
  • DMX Data Output: DMX512 output 250 kHz, 5 and/or 3 pin female XLR
  •         Pin 1 - Power supply common, Pin 2 Data -, Pin 3 Data +
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 6.7 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Internal Fuse: RS232 Converter PCB - 500mA PCB mount through hole
  • UL Listings: Power supply, PCB pre populated
  • External Power Supply: +5VDC wall mount
  •         Voltage Input: 100 ~ 132 (or 240) VAC
  •         Current Output: 1A
  •         Power: 5 Watts Typical
  •         Polarization: Positive Center
  •         Output Connector: Barrel Plug, 2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm
  • DMX Output Connector: 3 or 5 pin XLR or Ethercon connectors - 1, 2, or 3 Universes per EtherCon (See: EtherCon Pinouts) 
  • OPTIONAL: DMX input with 3 or 5 pin XLR or Ethercon - provides DMX loop through for viewing and storing from any DMX source
  • OPTICAL INPUT OPTION - In order to optically isolate the input and offer protection, the DSI-4 requires a 25mA input line load which is ½ of a DMX 512 daisy chain load. It is recommended this unit be used directly out of the lighting board or DMX generating device. Because of this load the input does not conform to the DMX 512 specifications but should work with most systems. Also note that the outputs are separately driven and electronically isolated, not optically isolated from each other.
  • OPTION: DUAL - Add additional RS232 Port and output. Adds an additional RS232 input port (no daisy chaining - requires an additional RS232 sending port) and an additional DMX output port for a dual DMX stream in a single enclosure. Note: If "DMX Input" is selected, the DMX signal will source both RS232 inputs allowing both RS232 units to utilize the signal capture and store etc.
  • Mounting flanges - allows the unit to be counter top, under counter, or wall mounted

The DS232 is an RS232 to DMX converter controller driver in an all aluminum chassis. Includes power supply. 

DS232 Description

The DS232 is an RS232 to DMX Converter Controller allows a user to control DMX equipment from any device that has a programmable RS232 output, such as Control4, AMX, Crestron or a computer or touch panel screen controllers to control DMX dimmers and devices. A unique and powerful set of commands (strings) allows control of single or multiple DMX channels and functions such as: auto fade up/down features, store/recall up to 100 scenes, DMX input option allowing loop through and capture, and buffer and error feedback data. Offering power and flexibility for controlling DMX equipment. Use a straight through 9 pin cable. Power supply included.

DS232 Features:

  • DMX input option - Loop DMX through to view / hold / save / recall
  • Scene Save and Recall of 100 scenes
  • Full 512 Channel Control
  • 512 Simultaneous and Independent Fade Rates
  • Powerful Command Strings (up to 96 Characters Long)
  • RS232 Query (Read Back to Terminal) for Viewing and Verification
  • Global Fade Command
  • Enter Percentage (100%) or Level (0-255) Values
  • Several enclosures and options to choose from

Functions and Features

Set a single channel or range (or a multiple set) of channels to a specific value, and add or subtract values to existing levels. Any of the command strings can have a fade rate up to 59.9 seconds, and all 512 dimmer channels can have an independent and simultaneous fade rate up or down. With the global fade rate command, any existing fades can be updated to a new rate, finalize, or to immediately end any fades. With the new DMX input option, connect any DMX source to the DS232 to loop through to view, snapshot, hold, or save the current view, then edit if needed.

Command String Examples: 

  • D52@95G     [Dimmer 52 is immediately set to 95%]
  • D20+45+99@50G     [Dimmers 20, 45, and 99 are immediately set to 50%]
  • D100-512@10G     [Dimmers 100 through 512 are immediately set to 10%]
  • D2@75F01.5G     [Dimmer 2 will fade to 75% (from it's current value) in 1.5 seconds]
  • D2+4+512<10D5-10>50G    [Dimmers 2, 4, and 512 will increase by 10%, dimmers 5 through 10 will decrease by 50%, both from their current value at the time the 'G' command is sent] 
  • D77-100@99F50.0G     [Dimmers 77 through 100 will fade to 99% in 50 seconds]
  • Fxx.xG     [Global fade- 00.0-59.9 Seconds all existing fades will end at the new rate] Send F00.0G and all fades will halt at their current levels.
  • S14@95G    Scene 14 will be recalled at 95% of the saved levels
  • S100@50F12.5G    Scene 100 will be recalled at 50% of the saved levels with a fade to rate of 12.5 seconds
  • S57VG    Scene 57 will be saved at the current levels

Several enclosures and options available.

RS232 to DMX Converter

  • $349.00

  • 5 or more $332.00
  • 10 or more $314.00

Available Options

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