Power Input: +5 volts DC Regulated

Power Consumption: 400mA at full power (LCD back light full brightness)

Fuse: 700mA 5 X 20 mm

Dimensions: 3.385” Width X 3.485” Height X 1.8” Depth

Data Type: MIDI 31.5 Khz

Midi input: input 1 (rear), optional 5 pin female DIN connector

Midi loop out: output 1 (rear) optional 5 pin female DIN, 20mA output max

Memory buffer size: 112 bytes (37 - 3 byte messages or 112 - 1 byte messages)

Memory Storage Cycles: 10,000 times 

  • MA1-PCB Add On: (2) 5 pin DIN chassis mount connectors w/ mounting screws & LCD clear bezel w/ adhesive strips
  • 6 Inch Wire Leads (Installed)
  • Power Connector (Mates with listed power supply)
  • 5V Power Supply
  • Enclosure Labels: black on white, black on clear, white on clear or download ENCLOSURE LABELS

The MA1-PCB (Printed Circuit board) is a powerful Midi analyzer, analyser, tester, decoder display unit that will receive all Midi messages, including controller and system exclusive (Sys Ex), decodes and displays in a user friendly format. Any message type can be displayed or filtered. The MA1-PCB has a HOLD and SCROLL feature and allows scrolling through the last messages received. This PCB is the same PCB  that is used for the MA1 Module (with limited functionality). Also, by ganging multiple MA1's together, each one could be programmed to filter out selected messages, and at a quick glance the latest information is displayed. See the MIDI ANALYZER PAGE for a full description and more information.


  • Displays Midi Messages in a Decoded Easy to Read Format
  • HEXadecimal Mode for True Data Analyzing
  • Scroll through Previous Messages
  • Displays MIDI Status: Active Sense, Clock, MTC
  • Displays MIDI Line Errors: Framing, Timeout, and Overrun errors
  • Custom Configurable Software Setup Including ANY or ALL Message Filtering
  • User Selectable Middle C - C3, C4 or C5
  • Note or Note Number Display
  • System Exclusive Message Displaying
  • Additional Front Selectable Midi Input
  • Front Accessible Back Light and LCD Adjustments


  • Assembled MA1 PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with .5" standoffs and mounting hardware
  • Drill Template and Wiring Diagram
  • Optional PCB kit with 2 DIN connectors w/ screws and an LCD cover (bezel)

Midi Analyzer PCB

  • $199.00

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