Power Consumption 320mA with all LED’s on at full brightness

Dimensions 3.385” Width X 3.485” Height X 1.1” Depth

Data Type MIDI 31.5 Khz

Memory Storage Cycles 10,000 times 

  • MML-Sub PCB - Each group of 5 ribbon cabled modules require 1 MML-Sub PCB for data and power distribution.
  • 5VDC Power Supply - Needed if used as an independent module

The MML module is a hardware midi message monitor that decodes midi message and displays on 32 independently programmable LED's. Each row has a labeling area, data indicator LED, and program/test switch. The MML has a module global power and data indicator LED and reset switch. NOTE-If the chassis has only MML’s installed, one MML in the chassis needs an MML Sub board. See the MIDI LED MONITOR page for more information.


  • Easily Programmed (select the LED to program and send the message)
  • 32 LED's Independently Programmable to Any Midi Message with Variable Brightness
  • Module Global Reset Button, Power and Data Indicator LED's
  • Row LED Data Indicator, Lamp Test, Labeling Space
  • Module Global Selectable Brightness Levels
  • 5 modules could be installed in one chassis for 160 Midi message indicators
  • Midi Channel Ignore or Respond Option

Midi LED Monitor

  • $179.00

  • 2 or more $169.00

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