Power Input: +5 volts DC

Power Consumption: 400mA at full power (LCD back light full brightness)

Input power connector: 2.1 mm I.D. X 5.5 mm O.D. Center positive

Fuse: 700mA 5 X 20 mm

Dimensions: 3.385” Width X 3.485” Height X 1.9” Depth

Data Type: MIDI 31.5 Khz

Midi input: input 1 (rear), input 2 (front) 5 pin female DIN

Midi output: output 1 (rear) 5 pin female DIN, 20 ma output max

Memory buffer size: 112 bytes (37 - 3 byte messages or 112 - 1 byte messages)

Memory Storage Cycles: 10,000 times 

  • 5VDC Power Supply - Needed if used as an independent module

The MTC module is a Midi Time Code hardware analyzer (analyser) / reader / decoder. The MTC decodes any (FX) System Common or System Real-Time Messages and displays them in a clock format, independent from your MTC generating device. The MTC module has a power switch, local reset and bus reset switch, and LCD brightness and contrast adjustments. With 3 inputs: BACK / FRONT / BUS. The 'back' input sources from the MIO module (Input/Output chassis module). The 'front' is the DIN plug on the front, and the 'bus' is the internal chassis ribbon distribution cable that would source from another module within the chassis. See the MIDI TIME CODE page for more information.


  • Reads/Displays Midi Time Code in a Clock Format
  • Hexadecimal Mode for True Data Analyzing
  • Scroll Through Previous Data
  • Displays MIDI Status: Active Sense, and Time Clock
  • Displays MIDI Line Errors: Framing, Timeout, and Overrun errors
  • Additional Front Select-able Midi input
  • Front Accessible Back light & LCD adjustments
  • Select-able Power Switch Settings 

Midi Time Code Reader

  • $299.00

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